Wednesday, May 26, 2010

finding the person in the background

i have recently begun to prepare canvases with random colors and patterns. generally, after a session i take the paint remaining on my palette and use it to mess up a new canvas. then, at the next session i take the prepared canvass and use it as a starting point. it is interesting because it presents challenges and opportunities. the challenge is in making the prepared canvas from a previous session work for the current session. it seems to be working out that i can sometimes "find" the figure or the right spot for the figure in the seeming randomness of the mess i previously made.

in the following example, i liked how the darker background areas would work to subdue both the model's face and his nether regions. also, his chest had the most light on it, which seemed to work well with the lighter yellow area behind it. on the right side of the canvas, there appears to be some motion or activity. i will see whether i leave it as is, or if i find a subject that would go well with that area.
[acrylic on canvas pad, 16x20]

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