Saturday, April 21, 2012

found some space at artomatic

Artomatic is going to be quite different from the last event in 2009. In 2009, a new office building was being used and no walls had been erected. Each floor was wide open.  The building being used this year had been an office building for many years, so each floor has a different layout -- some have wide-open spaces, others have interior, labyrinthine offices and cubicles. While it may be difficult to find some of the interior spaces, I think it will provide new character to the event.

I wanted to be in a nice-sized room with some windows. By the time it was my turn to choose space, most of the walls in the large rooms had been taken. However, I find a moderately-sized room with several very large (more than 20 feet wide) wall spaces and windows.  My space is on the wall opposite the windows, so the direct sunlight will not affect me. Additionally, my area is indented about 4 feet, so I get some extra space to play with. Here it is in its raw form:

I have one overhead fluorescent light on the right-hand side of the space. I will light the left-hand side with my own lighting. I think I will have my primary piece on the left and some more "interactive" stuff on the right.

And here is a view of the windows, looking at them from my space :

The above shot gives a pretty good idea of the what the rest of the room looks like. There is a entrance doorway next to my space. The doorway in the above photo leads into a much larger room that will have several 3D floor exhibits.

OK, back to work on my installation...

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