Tuesday, July 24, 2018

who's for dinner?

we choose specific species of animals to eat, to be companions with, to be wild. however, depending on what society one originates from, these definitions can change. some people eat cats and dogs, others revere cows. some eat wild animals.

animals care for their young, feel pain, and have their place in the ecosystem. it is no longer necessary for humans in the developed world to eat animals. i have not eaten an animal for 14 years (as of this posting). i have been vegan for more than two years. i have never felt healthier -- in body and mind.

in the United States, there is an incredible amount of food waste. approximately 40 percent of red meat gets thrown into the garbage. animals raised for meat spend their short lives in horrific, tortuous conditions. yet, many of them will have endured misery only to be thrown away.

incredible amounts of resources go into bringing meat to the table. animals are fed more many more pounds of food than they become, they consume thousands of gallons more water than is required to grow an equivalent vegan meal. immense amounts of fuel are required to truck them around. they are fed scary amounts of antibiotics and other medicines and chemicals.

the next time you take a bite of an animal, think about the painful, miserable journey that being took to get to your plate. ask yourself: are your few minutes of culinary pleasure worth the cost?

painting info:
Who's for Dinner?
Oil and Charcoal on Canvas, plus plastic bag
24" x 24"

Friday, December 8, 2017

georgetown glow

i am very excited to be participating in Georgetown GLOW this year. while not an official participant, the studio we work out of has submitted our entry to the Georgetown Business Improvement District.

GLOW is an annual event consisting of large outdoor light installations.

in collaboration with Klagsbrun Studios and the Tuesday Night Group (TNG), GreenMoonArt installed a 15 foot tall (4.6 meters) animated LED figure. since the TNG is a figure drawing collective, the figure is meant to evoke the idea of gesture drawing.

dubbed the "rainbow racer", the figure looks as if it is running uphill, through the trees.

GLOW runs from december 9 through january 6. come check it out! refreshments are provided on saturday, december 9 and thursday, december 14.  we're at #10 on the map.

Google Map

Sunday, November 12, 2017

preparing for georgetown glow

planning to have around 20 meters of neopixel LED strips for Georgetown GLOW. using industrial tubing with mesh embedded in it to protect LEDs and refract light. my cat approves of some initial tests:

Monday, October 9, 2017

entering some pieces in some shows

i am planning to enter the following pieces in a few art shows. if they get accepted, I will post details of where and when.

Monday, July 31, 2017

vitruvian einstein

currently working on a science-themed painting. not sure where it is going, but Einstein and Da Vinci are its beginnings.

Friday, May 5, 2017

Artomatice 2017 comes to a close - tomorrow!

Artomatic 2017 has been an amazing experience. this 6-week indoor art festival enabled 600+ visual artists, plus dozens of musicians and performing artists, to give a soul to a building that previously had been filled with government workers.

above is a shot of 4 of my 6 pieces. to those who stopped by, thank you. i enjoyed the thrill of putting together a themed exhibition especially for Artomatic. my work was done in both my crystal city studio (blue studio underground) and at TechShop.

if you haven't visited yet, you have two more days!

painting, arduino, and LEDs

i am pretty happy with this piece, currently at Artomatic. it is an oil painting on wood. once the painting was completed, i laser cut its outline, laser etched the New Colossus poem onto it, fitted it with an Ardruino controlling some NeoPixel LEDs, and made some wooden sides for it. i plan to do more pieces of this type.