Wednesday, September 2, 2009

the canvas project and the atlanta airport

I belong to an online art participation called the Art House Coop. One of their recent projects was called The Canvas Project. Every participant received a piece of paper with 5 random words on it, and 5 3"x3" canvas tiles. The goal was to create a visual encyclopedia of as many words as possible. The following is a photo of the tiles I submitted (my words, in order, are: desire, kindly, dawn, mind, want):

The Art House Coop people selected some of the tiles for mounting and display. They are currently on exhibit at the Atlanta airport:

One of my tiles ("Kindly") was selected for the exhibit (in the J/K section, 3rd row, 4th one over - red heart on orange background):

If you are passing through the Atlanta airport in September, take a look!